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A whole new world awaits you, Sagittarius—and your life may not look the same after this month is over! On June 5, a flagship lunar (full moon) eclipse will land in YOUR sign, kicking off an 18-month cycle of personal growth and expansion. Eclipses shake up business as usual and push us rapidly onto a new path. This is the first one in your sign since May 2013, so get ready for a powerful reinvention tour!

And that’s only a small part of what’s on tap this June. There’s a second eclipse later in the month, and two planets (Mercury and Neptune) turn retrograde , joining an already retrograde Venus, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto. On the one hand, the eclipses will add rocket fuel to your goals. But you’ll have to navigate possible roadblocks or red tape from these other cosmic backspins. Big ideas might need to be rolled out in phases, and it could take longer than usual to get responses from certain key players. If you’re already fielding pandemic-related delays, this could be frustrating. Practice patience and keep at it!

While you do that, look around: Who could be a good ally or champion for your cause? The Sun is visiting Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships until June 20, meaning dynamic duos can thrive this month. Your closest alliances are up for review with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, retrograde in Gemini from May 13 until June 25. Since last month, you’ve been sorting through what you need from your inner circle and renegotiating the terms with everyone. If you’ve got a contract to sign, make sure to read the fine print—and try to ink your name before Mercury turns retrograde on June 18.

With the Sun at its farthest position in the sky from you (Gemini’s your opposite sign), you might be a little more tired than usual. Take that as your cosmic cue to lean on your support system. Hold the people on Team Sagittarius accountable instead of defaulting to your famous Sagittarius line, “I’ll just do it myself.”

Back to that June 5 Sagittarius lunar eclipse: Not only does it deliver a monumental boost to your personal goals and passion projects, but it’s also the first in a series of groundbreaking eclipses that will land on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021. These lunar lifts will transform the relationship between “me” and “we,” reshuffling your individual desires and your closest ties. If you’re tipped too far into the independent arena, the eclipses will carve out space for companionship. And if you’ve sacrificed your own dreams or desires to support everyone else’s, they’ll remind you to put yourself back into the equation!

Your bonds come under the microscope beginning on June 20, when the Sun kicks off its monthlong visit to Cancer and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and shared resources. You could feel more private now, in the mood for quality time with a handful of people rather than the bustling crowds you’ve missed for most of this year. (Don’t worry, you’ll be back out there again—in some way or another—after July 22!) This is also an excellent time for research and focused work. Dive into your cocoon and get it done.

How deep should you go in your partnerships, Sagittarius? From lust to trust, from wealth to stealth, the eighth house covers all the taboos and topics we don’t usually talk about openly. And with communication planet Mercury retrograde in Cancer from June 18 to July 12, facing those things could be unavoidable. Information that’s been cloaked or hidden can surface now.
If you’ve been too much of an open book, consider tightening the circle of people you share with. People may send very mixed messages, leaving you unsure where you stand. There could be some deeper emotional work to do during this cycle. Instead of worrying about THEIR behavior, look at what it’s triggering in YOU. If an ex comes back around, think twice before you go there.

Mercury rules technology, and during the retrograde, you’ll want to protect your private information—strengthen passwords, proofread emails before sending, delete old messages you don’t want anyone’s eyes on. Back up your devices and data before June 18 since Mercury retrograde is notorious for electronic snafus.

On June 21, the first of two rare back-to-back Cancer new moons arrives (the next is on July 20), bringing a wave of new possibilities around long-term finances and intimate connections. This one is extra potent because it’s also a solar eclipse—and the grand finale of a two-year series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses that began back in July 2018.

For the past two years, you’ve been reshuffling the way you handle money, partnerships, power and shared assets. Your most important relationships could have permanently shifted, along with your values and confidence. Where you work, your income and investments, the people closest to you: Compare July 2018 to June 2020, and you’ll probably notice a stark contrast. A joint venture could bear amazing financial results now, or you might decide to pool your resources for mutual gain.

This eclipse could also turn up the amorous and erotic vibes, sparking a sensual revolution. If you’ve got lost time to make up for, Sag, don’t be surprised if strong chemistry ignites. Ready to make a commitment permanent? You may close out this eclipse series with an engagement, pregnancy or by sealing your bond with a soulmate. Events from today COULD take one more month to unfold—and the July 20 Cancer new moon will likely write the final chapter, or the epilogue, of this scintillating story.

Family matters could demand closer attention starting June 23, when hazy Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces and your domestic zone until November 28. This annual five-month backspin reveals where relationships with a female relative—possibly a mother figure or a child—needs rebalancing. If you’ve been missing quality time, or stressed by the pressures of home-schooling, plan something to repair your bond.

On the other hand, if you’ve been the emotional sponge for the household, Neptune’s retreat sounds the call for a time-out from excessive caretaking. You may have to work through guilt and even emotional blackmail, which you’ve been susceptible to with Neptune here. Recalibrate everything under your roof, from the division of duties to how much time and attention people demand of you. Live alone? Guard against isolation this summer, especially after a long quarantine. Your moods could be impacted by the lack of social contact, so make sure you’re not deprived of the support your soul needs.

If you’ve been thinking of moving or buying/selling a home, use Neptune retrograde for careful research. Details could be obscured under this foggy transit, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for—and look into all your options. In this volatile and unpredictable economy, major decisions like this should NOT be rushed into.

That’s all the more crucial because on June 30, expansive Jupiter (your ruler) makes its second of 2020’s three rare meetups with transformational Pluto in Capricorn, sweeping through your second house of work and finances. Look back to their first meetup on April 4 for clues of what could come into focus now. This time, both planets are retrograde, turning your attention to unfinished business or past projects. You may need to clean up some debt or cover an expense that comes due. Take an unflinching look at your spending and saving. Is your insistence on doing things “your way” keeping a ceiling on your earning power? Be willing to make a BIG change to the way you do business, Sag.

On the upside, a project that got back-burned by pandemic delays could resurface. A major moneymaking opportunity could come your way unexpectedly‚ and if it appeals to you, explore! But it will take until the November 12 final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction for this story to completely play out. A bold or risky investment COULD pay off, but you’ll want to make very careful moves until the fall.
There’s spicy news ahead for the summer, too. On June 27, lusty Mars will begin an extended trip to Aries and your fifth house of romance, self-expression and creativity—staying until January 6, 2021. All eyes on you! If your salons and go-to groomers are still closed, find a way to get camera-ready, because you WILL be getting lots of attention.
A passionate spark could turn into a roaring attraction as Mars pours kerosene on that flame. If you’re a performer or “influencer” type, your talents could draw interest from near and far. Don’t be shy about self-promotin, because this Mars cycle only happens every two years, and normally for just six weeks. With five months of the red planet revving up your star power, you won’t want to squander your shining moment!


When it comes to your love life this month, Archer, you won’t know whether to hit the gas or tap the brakes. Actually, your feet might be toggling back and forth between the pedals for most of June! The “go for it” energy comes courtesy of vixen Venus parked in excitable Gemini, where she’s igniting new partnerships or deepening a bond. But Venus is spinning retrograde (backward) until June 25, which can muck up communication and disrupt the harmony in your relationships. When in doubt, wait it out—and don’t make irreversible decisions.

It’s unfortunate timing for amorous Archers, because just as quarantine restrictions are starting to lift and you’re eager to “get on with things,” Venus throws a curveball at you. For some Archers, this backspin could bring a former flame into your life again, or bring a wobbly union to its breaking point. Some couples will do much-needed repair work as Venus reverses direction while others may reach an irrevocable make-it-or-break-it point. And with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto already retrograde—and Mercury and Neptune to follow suit later this month—June could definitely bring a moment of truth to your love life.

Meanwhile, Mars is ensconced in Pisces and your foundational fourth house through June 27. The red planet is famous for turning up the heat, but during this cozy cycle, your softer, more domestic side may emerge, and in lieu of trotting around the globe, you’re happy to channel your energy into making your home feel more sensual and inviting. But Mars can also trigger tension, so stay on alert for someone trying to push your buttons. If you’re single or you don’t live with your love interest, use this cycle to find creative ways to stay deeply connected—or to meet someone with real potential.

On June 27, Mars busts out of the cocoon into Aries and your flirty and fun-loving fifth house for a very long journey, staying in this feisty sector until January 6, 2021. This electrifying energy can spice things up for the rest of the year, but be prepared for the high-intensity to level out during the nine-week backflip. But when Mars and Venus are revving their engines in tandem, from June 25 to September 9 (and then again after November 13), you can bring sexy back with a vengeance.

Key Dates:
June 2: Venus-Mars square

There might be trouble in paradise as Venus retrograde forms a feuding stance with her dance partner Mars. Peacekeeping efforts may be offset by someone’s knee-jerk reactions, insensitivity and overblown emotions. One or both of you could be acting needy or jealous. Can you retreat to neutral corners until the storm passes?


Get ready for big changes, Sag! This month’s headline news arrives on June 5, when a lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in your sign, catalyzing profound shifts. Your path might veer in an entirely new direction thanks to these mojo-boosting moonbeams. For some Archers, it could happen in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry if it doesn’t. This is simply the start of a new eclipse series that will activate the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021. Prepare for changes to your solo projects AND your most important ties over the next 18 months.

Your long-term finances could see a surge of activity starting June 20, when the Sun moves into Cancer and your eighth house of merged superpowers. A solar (new moon) eclipse here on June 21 could bring a windfall or a chance to create a powerful joint venture. But take your time and read the fine print! Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be retrograde (backward) from June 18 to July 12, cautioning you to pace yourself. Back up your data and devices, as Mercury can wreak havoc on your gadgets and information!

The month ends with a potent union of your ruler, lucky Jupiter and transformational Pluto on June 30. These two power-planets will connect in Capricorn, shaking up your second house of money. By the time July rolls around, your career path and financial outlook may be totally different than you could have imagined. Expect the unexpected—and embrace it!

Key Dates:
June 5: Sagittarius full moon (lunar eclipse)

The annual full moon in your sign is a potent lunar eclipse—the first in an 18-month series that galvanizes the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. Talk about a springboard! Prioritize your passions and reshuffle personal goals to the top of the list. But leave room for the X factor! Within the two to four weeks following this potent lunation, a golden opportunity could arrive out of the blue—and it might redirect your trajectory in a powerful, profitable way!

Love Days: 14, 19
Money Days: 26, 7
Luck Days: 24, 5
Off Days: 17, 21, 3

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